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Technosmart Enterprise IT Solutions

We are the Singapore's first company who can convert any existing Android Tablet or Mobile device into an Identity Enrollment and Verification system. The back end infrastructure is cloud enabled so any clients need not invest in on-site servers and expensive networking. We provide flexibility across the 3 Factors authentication that the client can choose from based on their site environmental conditions. As our application works on a Mobile / Tab , the system can be moved from one site to another site without the movement of the local infrastructure such as servers and the establishment of a local network. We can also provide an Automatic Programming Interface ( API) for integration with any standard Time Management System or HR Management Systems. It now becomes possible to introduce 3 Factor Authentication in remote sites . Our innovative pricing ensures that the clients can buy the number of users that they require and then in a subsequent year ramp up or ramp down or simply switch off without any associated loss. The 3 Factor Solution can be deployed at any "site" where employee,staff and contractor unique identification is a critical requirement, Thus the following market segments are relevant (1) New Housing sites (2) Commercial infrastructure sites(3) Engineering Sites(4)Temporary sites - exhibitions, large events, conventions where security is critical(5) Ship Yards - where specific access may need to be provided to certain areas (6) Emergency relief operations - where there is security or traceability sensitivity. We are also now providing fixed biometrics solutions , Premium ( Invixium ) or mid range (STL-eXactID) products.